Client Spotlight

“UC San Diego Breaks Record for Number of Applicants for Fall 2019”

UC San Diego logo

Growing our Clients’ brand visibility, brand footprint, brand value and brand growth is our passion at RobertStemler Media (RSM). Take this record-breaking news from UC San Diego as an example.

UC San Diego brands itself as a world-class science, technology, engineering and math research institution. During the past 10 years, RSM employed integrated marketing efforts and advertising strategies focused on key markets within the U.S. for UC San Diego.

UC San Diego recently announced the 2019-2020 academic year presented the largest prospective freshman and transfer student applications in the school’s history. This ranked UC San Diego second to UCLA among UC schools for overall applications. Additionally, UC San Diego matched UCLA’s ranking – 18thin the nation – as providing the best undergraduate programs.

Source: University of San Diego The Guardian (01.30.19)